Heritage Preservations

Heritage Preservation

Rajasthan is considered as the symbol of tradition and culture. It keeps and maintains its culture in its ancient purity. It has unique concept, color and workmanship which are beyond comparison.

Heritage from an Indian perspective is about flowing traditions that have on one hand are handed down from the past and on the other hand created in the present and will be passed in one form or the other to future generations.

In the education context, it is necessary that a child must be aware of the importance of cultural heritage and should have adequate knowledge about the rich cultural values of our country. Hence with the aim to inculcate the right attitude among school students towards the rich traditions and a sense of awareness for heritage preservation, SFORD is supporting recreational cultural activities through SFORD Village Centre Program. With these means, SFORD has put forth an effort to make the culture alive amongst rural kids with following activities.

Safa (Turban): The Art of Twists and Turns

Rajasthan is a land of different and colorful turbans. It has its own peculiar and distinctive style. Safa tying activity is organized on Rajasthan day where rural girls also participate enthusiastically. Moreover, during festival celebrations, kids of SFORD Academy tie safas for ethnic and cultural touch.

Card and Envelope Making

A card is an illustration of an expression of one’s sentiments; they are usually packaged with an envelope. Handmade card designed with Rajasthani decorations give tremendous scope to support village art and economy. Rural kids prepare handmade cards and greetings on festivals. They use beads, motifs, dried leaves with beautiful artwork. Guests and visitors are also honored with these greetings.


Main ingredient of Rajasthani pickles like Sangari and Kair is locally available. Sangari are green pods (the dried one is used for making pickles). It grows on Khejri tree and Kair are small berries, they also used in dried form. Young rural girls are encouraged to learn this distinctive art from the women in their community and subsequently preserve it for future generations.

Mandana Art

Mandana paintings are wall paintings of Rajasthan, India. Mandana are drawn to protect home and hearth, welcome Gods into the house and as a mark of celebrations on festive occasions. Mandana is drawn on the floor and filled with colors to give a look of rangoli. These drawings are filled with beads, leaves, flowers and marbles to enhance. Beautiful patterns of Mandana are drawn on every festival and guest visit, focusing on the purpose, place, symmetry and colors.


Traditional songs and dance fills energy and pacify the soul. Today, when the youth is being inclined towards western dance and music, our little effort may bind them with their roots through preparing the performances on folk dance and folk music on festivals and historical and cultural days.


Dramas make a quick and long lasting impact on innocent minds. For this, short plays on historical events are choreographed by rural kids of SFORD Academy after studying the literature behind. Khejri tree holds cultural values in western Rajasthan. A play on Amrita Devi, who died while saving these trees, is enacted. Such plays enhance the bond between the cultural values and environment.

Wall mural

The paintings drawn by the young rural girls on the walls of SFORD Campus with traditional designs enhance the beauty of the environment and give a cultural feel.

Visit to Historical Places

The project aims to spread awareness among rural youth about the rich and varied cultural heritage and a positive attitude for preserving it. For this, their interest in the study of historical and cultural places is aroused. The rural kids are taken for excursion to handicraft fairs, monuments, temples and museum to prepare them as representatives of culture. To give a fillip to such worthwhile projects, we ensure the effective participation of staff in these programmes.

We seek your support in such concerted efforts for the creation of much needed awareness among rural kids. Please spare your time to share your knowledge about rich historical and cultural heritage and make us rightly feel proud of their diverse and colorful arts, customs and traditions.