Informal Education

Informal Education

Apart from providing formal education, SFORD project its efforts to support the rural youth for higher studies also.

Due to lack of career awareness in the rural youth of surrounding villages, SFORD provides regular counseling to them. Motivating them for higher studies is a part of the process. SFORD provides academic and financial assistance to them for further studies. So far, approx. 48 rural youth have been benefitted with the support of SFORD through enrollment in National Open School and Kota Open University.

Internship Program

SFORD’s internship program provides an opportunity to add knowledge about the rural development sector through hands-on experience. With this approach, SFORD hosts interns for the completion of their projects in the respective streams.

Interns have come to SFORD from the various Institutions from which few are as below:
NIRMA University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat ( Institute of Law )
JNVU University, Jodhpur ( Institute of Law )

Institutional Visits

Apart from this, SFORD invites other institutes with open arms for Experience and Culture Exchange Program. In this program, the students and staff of other Institutes visit SFORD Campus and interact with our kids and staff. This helps in understanding the viewpoints and perceptions of each other. In this respect, 372 students and staff members from following institutes have already visited SFORD Campus, like

Faculty of Com & Mgmnt
JNVU University, Jodhpur
125 students
Institute of Rural Management
42 Students & Faculty Members
Jodhpur Inst. of Eng. & Technology
50 Students & Faculty Members
Bal Niketan School
100 Students & Faculty Members
Vyas Dental College
30 Students & Faculty Members
Vyas Institute of Management
27 Students & Faculty Members
IIT, Rajasthan
40 Students