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Fruit Day Celebration

Fruit Day celebrated with great excitement

Independence Day Celebration

Lots of cheerfulness and zest radiated in SFORD Campus on Independence Day!!!
The presence of Mr.Badridas Mundra,Mrs.Leela Mundra with Ms. Basanti Manihar made the whole celebration remarkable.

Rakshabandhan Celebration

Little brothers and sisters celebrated Rakhi festival in SFORD Campus.

Red Colour Day

A special colour day was determined to know about significance and identification of ‘red’ colour.All the classes involved in colouring group activities. During classroom teaching, teachers taught students about importance of red colour in world around us. Pre primary students learned to identify colour. The different group activities done by students.

Guru Purnima & Group Poem Competition

A day in honour of the guru, Guru Purnima was celebrated on 31-July-2015. All the teachers and students remembered Swami Krishnanand ji. Teachers blessed kids with prosper life. On the same day Group poem recitation competition was held. All the classes participated in it. Reciting poem was a great fun for kids. All the participants got incentives and appreciation prize.

Eid Celebration

On a day before Eid, kids of pre primary class made a greeting card of aluminium foil and black sheet. During assembly time, the student of class 6 spoke about celebration of Eid. The teacher encouraged children to celebrate all festivals with unity and brotherhood.Outcome,all the students wished each other by saying Eid Mubarak.

World Population Day

World population day celebrated on 11 JULY. The student shared information about particular day. A task was given to upper primary students. They counted people who live in their villages. They collected data and written the records in notebooks. Teacher told students about demerits of over population and limited resources available on Earth. Students came to know about  data of Rajasthan’s and Jodhpur’s population.

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day- 21st June is celebrated in SFORD Campus. Students of upper primary classes and staff members participated in Yoga Sessions. The historical importance and the benefits of Yoga were explained to students. All the students did Yoga with great enthusiasm.In future for attaining benefits of Yoga our students will do Yoga in routine life.The Yoga practice proved effective for our students.


Students got opportunity to fine their steps on Bollywood Dancing style.

Candle Making

The students exposed to very invigorating learning sessions with ‘hands-on-experience’ of candle making.


Students learned the recipes of Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Khakhra and Khaman Dhokla. They cooked all these dishes practically under supervision of cooking expert.



Cosmetology classes focused at skin care and hair care tutorials. Students came to know about the use of home remedies for body care.


In stitching classes, students learned the simple stitching, cutting of cloth and crochet knitting.

Inspiring Scholars - 100% Attendees

In February’15, 80 Students with 100 % attendance are rewarded.


Zealous Participations - Tour to Science Park

Gaining Knowledge of Planetarium, Science Park, Fun Science games and Water Gallery at the Sub-Regional Science Centre, Jodhpur.


Fun-filled Activities - Rangoli

Kids are having pleasure while reusing pen caps and sand in creating beautiful Rangoli patterns.


Skill Enrichment - Hardware Class

Hands-on exposure is given to students in Computer Hardware Class, Close monitoring of Computer System added enthusiasm in students.